Wordle Answer 327: May 12, 2022 Word Solution

Wordle Answer 327: Wordle was the surprise viral game of early 2022. It was so popular that it spawned tons of clones, like the Wordle clone all about Fortnite. In spite of that, some word fans out there haven’t played it yet. Here’s some help for those new to the game.

How To Play Wordle

Looking to learn to play Wordle? The rules of the game are fairly simple; players just need to head to the New York Times Games website and find Wordle in order to get started. Once at the site, choose a starting five-letter English word and type it into the site. The letters will change color.Wordle Answer 323: May 8, 2022 Word Solution

Given these clues, players have five more guesses to get to the correct answer. There are loads of different strategies to win Wordle, but any way a player gets to the correct word is a good way to play.

After answering the Wordle word of the day, players will have to wait until the next day to play another. This lack of new puzzles to play is probably the reason why so many copycats and clones of Wordle exist. It is also one of the reasons players are upset at the New York Times shutting down all the Wordle archives out there.

At the end of the puzzle, players will also get access to the Wordle menu. This will contain the spoiler-free share button and player stats like win streaks and guess distribution. As long as the player uses the same device and browser every day, those stats should be accurate.

Hints for the Wordle 327 for May 12, 2022

Although today’s Wordle word of the day is not too difficult, some players may want a hint. Here are some clues without spoiling the whole answer.

Today’s Wordle word is a verb in the past tense.
This word ends with a G.
It contains just one vowel, and that letter is a U.
It also contains just one S.
There are no repeated letters in this word.
The word of the day also rhymes with the word “tongue.”
Answer for Wordle 327 for May 12, 2022
If players still need the answer to today’s Wordle, check below the image for the full word. Warning for spoilers ahead.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 327 is SLUNG.

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Answer: SLUNG

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